Stretching, for years the discussion has been should you stretch before or after exercise. Without going into detail, science is showing that stretching after exercise offers better results. Now the next step is should you practice passive or active stretching? To answer that lets talk about facia stretching.

"Fascia stretching is not passive, it is active. Take what you know about traditional stretching and flip it upside down. In traditional stretching, the muscle is lengthened until a stretch is felt and then pushed "a little bit further" in hopes to gain more flexibility. However, when this occurs and the muscle does not have the capacity to stretch more, the body goes into protection mode and lays microscopic scar tissue through the muscle which then decreases your flexibility! Facia stretching is safer stretching. The muscles are never taken to the end range, Therefore no risk if over-stretching. Fascia stretching is opposite of traditional stretching."

The Basic fascia stretching equation:

  1. Shorten the area you are stretching.

  2. Add compression by activation or contracting the shortened muscle or area.

  3. Move in the opposite direction.

Quote from Erin Tietz

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